Do you truly want Financial Peace of Mind in Your Retirement?

Do you want to get rid of any doubts that you’ve done the right things with your money so it will last as long as you do, while maintaining your current lifestyle?

If you said yes, below are the forces and events you will need to deal with for a successful retirement: 

·         Being able to manage your debt (It’s OK to have certain kinds of manageable debt)

·         Stock market losses (especially within 5 years before and 5 after you retire).

·         Tax rate increase (This Risk could especially affect those with IRA’s over $250,000)

·         Medicare Supplement Decision: Which Medicare Plan is best for you 

·         Social Security Decision: When both you and your wife should claim your benefits?

·          Inflation: Will your money have enough purchasing power if you live for 20 years, or longer?

·         Death of a spouse (not just the emotional loss, but have the same expenses with higher taxes)

·         Rising Health Care Expenses Beyond and separate from Long-Term Care

·         Strategy for Long Term Care (There are options beyond buying a LTC insurance policy)

·         Living a longer than expected life.

·         Legacy Plan to get your money to your loved ones with less tax and government interference.

Would having a coordinated approach that deals with all these issues help you feel more secure? 

If you want to make sure your plans for retirement are on track, call Bruce Horwitz at 215-947-0606.


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