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Below are issues we can assist you with

  1. You’ll receive a customized 'income for life’ plan (in writing) to make sure that you don’t run out of money in retirement...

  2. You will discover specific solutions aimed at helping you take the least amount of risk to help you accomplish your goals!

  3. You’ll be able to reduce or eliminate current and future taxes on your investments, social security benefits, and especially IRA type accounts (that your tax professional or advisor will never tell you about).  

  4. You’ll learn how to deal with rising cost of health care related issues, including Long Term Care solutions that may not require you to purchase expensive insurance you may never use …  

  5. Plus, you’ll discover a simple 5 minute test that makes sure your investments are aligned with your risk tolerance, and nine reasons why your Power of Attorney might not allow you or a loved one to get access to your money when you most need it.


Retirement planning services:  A comprehensive approach that includes the 5 key parts of any comprehensive plan, making sure that the parts are coordinated and cohesive. The five parts are:

-          Income Plan, which includes optimizing your social security benefits, so that you have ample inflation adjusted, after tax income to maintain your lifestyle as long as you or your spouse may live.  

-          Investment Plan not just based on goals, but also your tolerance for risk.

-          Tax Plan because it’s not what you make, but what you keep that counts. Paying too much tax can cause you to run out money earlier.

-          Health Care Costs, which also includes plans for Long Term Care issues

-         Legacy Plan for you to give what you want and to whom you want, with as little tax and interference from the government as possible.  

Bruce Horwitz believes that planning should come before any implementation of products or services. This helps ensure that the products fit into your overall goals, and not have you left with a “square peg in round hole” syndrome . With that in mind,the products and service are merely tools. How the tools are used is far more important than the tools themselves. 


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